Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Tribute To My Best Friend From a Friend...

Hello there my crafty peeps, yes I have indeed been missing in action. However, it has not been without good reason, and I am here to catch you up as to why.
Firstly, I am no longer on any permanent design teams at the moment as I have stepped down from Through the Classroom Door. I had a wonderful time with all the amazing and very talented girlies over there, but it's time for some fresh talent. 
Secondly, I took a little vacation to St. Lucia with my husband where we combined a destination wedding with some much needed R & R. There was about 45 of us in total, and I must say that there was certainly a lot of laughter and never a dull moment.
Sadly though, my well rested soul became very stressed within a 24 hour period of my arrival home. My precious, beautiful and very sweet Yorkshire terrier, Lucy, became very ill. Prior to leaving on our trip she had been unwell, and we were in the investigation stages as to her medical issues.
We had originally received a diagnosis of Cushing’s disease, but it turned out that she in fact had been suffering from Leukemia all along. Her prognosis was grim to say the least and we found ourselves in the awful position of having to consider Euthanasia.
We walked down that dreaded lonely road and said goodbye to Lucy this past Saturday. I haven’t been right since, and I know it is only with the passing of time that will help heal my broken heart, From past experience, I know only too well that it will in fact be a very long time.
 I would like to share a beautiful tribute to my beautiful Lucy that a relatively new friend took the time to do for us.
His name is Ignacio Molina, and he owns and operates Nicecrane Designs.
I recently guest designed on his blog, and when he heard about my loss it didn’t take him very long to create something unique and very special for us.
I would like to share his amazing creation, which is a combination of his gorgeous collage sheet "Flowers and Butterflies" and one of my favorite photos of Lucy that was taken a few years back.
We were hanging out in the garden, something she loved to do, and if you can believe it, I had caught her on many occasions actually smelling the flowers!
Needless to say I am extremely moved by his kindness, especially because it is directed to a person he barely knows. I guess we are all bonded universally when it comes to the love and loss of a wonderful pet.
So my friends, I will be taking the time that is needed to heal, and will likely continue to be away from my blog for a wee while longer. However, I am intending to continue to guest design for Nicecrane Designs from time to time, and likely continue to create personal cards for family and friend.  I don’t want to fall away from this much loved pastime or my connection to the outside crafty world and the friends I've made here.
In closing, thank you from the bottom of my heart Ignacio for your unbelievable kindness. I will treasure this photo collage for a lifetime. I would also like to thank some other friends, and you know who you are, for taking the time to contact me whether it be an email, phone call, Facebook or impromptu drop in visit to make sure I am ok. Your care and concern is truly appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by JS


  1. OMG Sandra! I was wondering why I haven't heard from you in a long time. I'm not on facebook and was in the dark. I' so very sorry to hear about your beloved pet. I would also be crushed and I understand how you feel. I'm sending you lots and lots of big warm hugs and I hope that crafting will keep you occupied so you don't think too much! Love, Brigitte

  2. Dear Sandra, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of little Lucy, What a Beautiful tribute from Ignacio at Nicrane Designs...I'm sure you will treasure this as well as your wonderful memories of Lucy...sending you Hugs x x x May x x x

  3. Dear Sandra,,,,,,,,I was so sorry to hear about your beloved pet,,,,,,,,,,,,Really these little dogs became part of our family,,,,,,so I understand you my friend... I had a cooker. I am happy to hear you like my collage,,,,,,,and it I did it with love of warm ...........take the time you need,,,,, and all over take care,,,,,,I´ll try to create another collage eith your second pict,,,,,,,,,a big hug.

  4. Dearest Sandra, it's wonderful to have such caring friends and co-workers. The collage is absolutely beautiful. I hope you will get it printed on something permanent like canvas so you can view it often. My prayers continue to be with you.
    Love & Hugs,

  5. Oh, Sandra, I am so sorry about Lucy. I know how hard it is to lose a little friend like her. I am sure reading all of these notes will make you cry again, because that's part and parcel of the grieving process. But I'm sure that you will come through your grief when you heart is ready. It was so sweet of Ignacio to create this beautiful memento of Lucy. I am sending you just the biggest hugs possible! I miss you.
    Love, Penny

  6. Sandra, I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy, they always become part of the family and we miss them so much. I want to give you a big hug, can you feel it, I'm so sorry, my sweet friend. That was so special of Ignacio to make that wonderful picture of Lucy for you, he is a good friend. Take as long as you need but not to long as we will miss you. I do have to tell you I had to take a double look at the picture of Lucy she looks just like my Silky who I lost several years ago. Someone stole her out of my backyard and I was devastated and we never found her. My prayers are with you. Love, Pat