Sunday, June 30, 2013

It was in God's hands...

Hello peeps, it’s the Canada Day long weekend here and we are having great weather, although it certainly didn't start that way!
Why am I on the computer you’re probably thinking right? Well I have a special post for you today, because I made a special card for a friend’s daughter and I must get it packaged up with a little gift.
My friend’s daughter, Paula, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Now one would think that this is a wonderful occasion, but this time there is a sad factor to this otherwise wonderful blessing.
For many years Paula was unable to carry a baby to full term, but recently the medical reason was discovered. As a result of this discovery and subsequent treatment Paula learned she was carrying twin girls.
As with most multiple births, statistics go against carrying them to full term and this indeed did happen to Paula. Heartbreakingly, one twin was stillborn; her name was Charlotte.
Thankfully her sister Claudia survived and is presently thriving so I am told. I will be meeting Claudia for the first time very soon, so of course I had to make a card to go along with my gift.
I chose Saturated Canary’s Butterfly Baby for a couple of reasons. 
Reason #1; it is my understanding that Krista designed this image for another special baby who suffers from a rare illness. Krista did this in order to raise money to help the family with their medical costs.
Reason #2; this image has wings, and I thought it could also represent angel wings, as in Charlotte is now and angel watching over her sister.

I discovered this CAS layout somewhere out there in blog land and instantly fell in love with it, but unfortunately I cannot tell you where or I most certainly would.

Sleeper - R00, R20, 21, 22 and colorless blender

Wings - BG0000, 000, N0, R21, 22 plus Stardust Stickles

Skin - E0000, 000, 00, 11, R20

Eyes/Sleeper bottom - BG93, 96, YG 03

Hair - E50, 51, 53, 55, 57
I found this beautiful quote online and thought it appropriate for this occasion as well.


So peeps, I have taken enough of your valuable time, and I must get back to enjoying the remainder of this long weekend with some friends.
Take care and thanks for stopping by JS




  1. WOW Sandra!!!! I love your CAS card. Your are so thougthful and what a sad story. Your colouring is beautiful, I love the wings coming out of the card. The sentiment you found is awesome. Hugs, Brigitte

  2. This is gorgeous Sandra. The image is so sweet and love the CAS design. Lots of mixed emotions for the parents and your card is perfect for the births.
    Hugs Sharon x

  3. What a beautiful and wonderful baby card for the parents of the new little one, Sandra. So sorry to hear the sad part of the story. I know they will be touched by your thoughtful and heartfelt card.

  4. Oh wow Sandra, what an amazing story behind this beautiful card of yours. And its wonderful that Claudia's second name is that of her sister's. A heart warming sentiment as well.
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    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  5. It's a marvellous card with a lot of love in it!!
    Love the sentiment, the image is made for this.
    I think the parents will treasure this card.

  6. Adorable, gorgeous card and such a perfect sentiment inside.

  7. Beautiful card and lovely story behind it, Sandra. I'll keep all of them in my prayers. Love that she now has both names, Claudia and Charlotte. :-D

  8. So beautiful, that has to hard for the family but they have one blessing. Your card is very special and I'm sure it will mean a lot.
    Hugs, Patricia

  9. What a beautiful card for such a bittersweet occasion. I am so happy and so sad for that family. Your card should give them some comfort.
    Fabulous design, wonderful coloring, and super sentiment. This card is just perfect in so many ways, Sandra. :^)
    Hugs, Penny

  10. Such a very lovely and thoughtful card. Your colouring is totally awesome on this and you just know I'm going to love this fabulous CAS design. Such a touching story.

    ps love your MM canvas - great zingy colours on it and fantastic flowers :)

  11. Have been thinking of you and glad to see your post! What a precious image and card! i love the colours and your colouring and the simplicity of your beautiful gift! hugs, Charlene