Friday, January 13, 2012

With Heartfelt Sympathy...

Hello friends, the weekend is upon us!

Up here in the great white north the thermometer has taken a nose dive and it certainly feels a whole lot like winter out there today.  It's so nice to be inside where everything is so toasty and warm, and I have been busy rounding up and organizing all of my craft supplies. Ever since the onset of Christmas card season I have had them in everyroom of the house practically. I am such a neat freak by nature, but ever since I started paper-crafting seeing a pile of stuff here and there just doesn't seem to bug me as much anymore, it's truly perplexing.  I don't have a craft room like so many of you lucky people do, and I am sure that is the biggest reason why this ends up happening to me. What I do have is a small spare bedroom that we have delegated as a den/office/guest bedroom and I find it kind of claustrophobic. I love being down on my main floor where I can eat, drink and bee-bop along to my satellite radio.  I have difficulty negotiating stairs which is another big reason why I don't want to be upstairs, and we all know that so much of our lives revolve around the kitchen and main floor. For what it's worth I think I made a pretty good dent in this particular job and perhaps I will take the weekend off.

If you read my last post you know that a good friend of mine celebrated a birthday this week. Sadly though, another good friend of mine experienced the loss of a love one recently. The loss of a loved one is never easy and everybody mourns in different ways. One of the few comforts that comes along during such a sorrowful time in a persons life is knowing that others are thinking of them and that they are sharing in their pain. We can express this in so many different ways and a card seems to be a wonderful way to show that you are thinking of them, and it also gives you an opportunity to pen a few personal words to them.

This is the card I made for my friend Charlene and I can only hope that it brings her some comfort during this difficult time.

It's a simple design whereas I embossed the front with Pefect Polka dots embossing folder by SU, and then I used a SB oval die to create a picture frame appearance. On the inside I simply used the white oval to stamp my image and used one of the stamps from the Just Believe Stamp Set from SU as well. I added some colour using chalk and the sentiment was simply printed out using my computer and then cut to size. The flowers were made using a MS punch for a simple embellishment.

My wish for you Charlene and your family is for God's love to heal your sorrow, and may his peace replace your heartache with warm and loving memories. I truly believe that death heals all wounds, mends all broken bones,  releases us from all chains and ultimately sets us free at last. 

God bless you and all my crafty friends. Thanks for stopping by :)S


  1. Once again my friend, you take my breath away with how easily you are able to write a beautiful piece of work. Never mind the talent you have for beautiful cards! Your are meant for this type of blogging!

  2. Ah, you're so sweet Darlene. xoxo

  3. Beautiful blog and card, Sandra. I know how much it means to Char. Love you!

  4. Thanks so much Wendy for all the comments you take the time to leave. I am looking forward to seeing you soon, love you back my friend!