Monday, January 16, 2012

Do Snowmen live forever?

Happy Monday everyone...

Today was dentist day, ugh! To my delight though NO CAVITIES, (whoa whoa), just a mere cleaning and I was so outta there. You think that when you are an adult you wouldn't hear those words anymore, but for me it isn't always the case. I guess all that flossing I've been doing is paying off :)

Following that I stopped by my local Michaels store to buy some much needed supplies. With coupons in hand and armed with a small list; (hubby is on the picket line today, and I must be careful now how much $$$ I spend) I set out to walk from the dentist which is about a two and half kilometers walk. It was such a beautiful day for a walk, the sun was shining and the thermometer rising. You all know by now how much I detest the bus, and on top of that it was an opportunity for much needed exercise for this ole ticker of mine as well. 

I get to Michaels, fill my cart with what I need and with a few too good to pass deals I head to the check out. There I am at the checkout counter and guess what, NO COUPONS. Yup-per, nowhere to be found in my purse or on my person and no coupon fairy to be seen anywhere. I had them when I left the house I am sure of it....the lady at the cash is glaring at me with that; sure you lost them look on her face and before I even had the chance says, "We don't give out coupons" spiel BEFORE I even asked! Now here's the thing, I know they do because I have seen it happen with other people and in fact they have done it for me once. So here she is with her stone face, and I'm sooooo wanting to leave everything at the counter so she would have to put it all back (yeah my evil twin came with me too), but I decided to suck it up and pay full price for everything. I could have saved 65% with the two coupons this week and it just burns my butt to think that they pick and choose who will get a coupon when stuff like that happens. If it wasn't the only craft store in my vicinity I wouldn't shop there. Oh well, c'est la vie! At least the weather was beautiful which brings me to my card today....Snowmen do live forever, on a card that is...

I found myself thinking a lot about our 2012 snow polar bear mascot that we made at Christmas and wondered just what the heck the poor guy looks like right now; likely a frozen blob sitting on my parents front lawn. If the rain starts as it is forecast to do he will parish for sure. Good thing we took pictures!

Cards, photos and video capture the precious moments we have and don't ever hesitate to take lots and lots for it shall only be a memory if you don't. With hubby off work at the moment I asked him to compile some of our photos into a slideshow of the night we made Mr. Polar Bear and when we celebrated with him on New Years Eve. I have posted it for your viewing pleasure if you care to see and if you don't that's ok too. 

Oh and before I go, when I got home from my day out I found my Michaels coupons sitting on the kitchen counter. I'm such a loser sometimes.

Oh well, until we meet again, take care and thanks for stopping by :)S

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  1. Love the video! Tell Rick he did a great job!!