Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas card blitz...

Hello there crafty peeps!
 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I know ours will go down in the history book that’s for sure.
For those that aren’t aware, on Dec 22nd we here in Southern and Eastern Ontario, Canada experienced the worst ice storm on record for our geographical area!!!
Many of us, including several of my family members were displaced for most of it, as we had power failures everywhere. The devastation is unbelievable to say the least, and some people are still without power to this date. I heard a recent report stating that the City of Toronto lost 20% of it's tree canopy alone, never mind the rest of area!
On the day after the storm, amid a cloudless sky, the sun shined so bright that it made everything and anything caught in the wake of Mother Nature’s wrath sparkle. I thought to myself; “how can there be so much beauty amongst such devastation?” Everything was coated with at least 30 mm of ice.
In case you’re interested, I found some videos made by various people that have been posted on the internet as the storm was upon us and its aftermath; some of them are quite humorous, and oh so Canadian.
Ok, enough about that…I want to share three Christmas cards that I made; yes you heard me right, I made three cards!
I wasn’t going to make any Copic cards this year because of my poor health, but that all changed when my brother told me that his three children were completely bummed when they rushed to open the Christmas card I’d sent them only to find it was a store bought one.
He said he overheard quite the conversation, and it apparently went something like this; “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS??? This card came from the store! Where is the cool card???
So, needless to say I felt both flattered and bad at the same time, so I decided to make them one each. In my wisdom I also thought that I would change things up this year and put cash inside as their gifts.
I’m not sure if making three individual cards was more work than going out shopping, but either way they certainly had smiles from ear to ear on Christmas Day.
Here they are…



I used three of the funny little elves from Make It Crafty’s Christmas Elves collection. My goodness they are hilarious and oh so fun to colour.
I coloured the images with my Copic Markers and the pattern papers are all from my stash. For the texture, I used Stardust Stickles and/or a combination of white flock and Stardust stickles. I also used put some colorless blender on a washcloth and applied it to that last two hats in an attempt to create a felt look. I think it turned out well.
I finished things off with some bakers twine and a few gems here and there as my embellishments.
So peeps,I will let you get back to your business, but I have one more thing to we come to the end of yet another year, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments, and just so you know they keep me motivated and oh so inspired.

I wish you all much love and happiness, but most of all, I wish you good health. All the best!



  1. All three cards are fabulous, Sandra! You outdid yourself with the fun designs and your awesome coloring! So happy you were able to do a little crafting! I know your brother's kids loved their cards!

  2. Fantastic cards and incredible coloring on them, Sandra. I know my family members would be sorely disappointed if I sent them store bought cards. It also amazes me how much the men in my life appreciate my homemade cards. I figured the girls and women would like them, but the boys and men seem just as taken with them, if not more so. It is nice to know that our efforts can bring so much happiness and express our love in a unique way. Blessings on your new year, Teresa

  3. Sandra, what wonderful cards and I am in awe of your coloring skills!!! Wow! I enjoy reading your blog, too! It is always so enlightening! Hope all that ice eventually melts, just not all at once!!!!

  4. Wonderful cards Sandra all so colorful and colored so awesome. Love those Elves they are so darling. Everyone love creative designed cards no matter what age or sex, in my family they always look forward to see what I created for them and I'm sure that happens for you also. Your badge for the Twisted Thursday looks so nice. Thanks again. Hope your 2014 is much better for you.
    Hugs, Pat

  5. I am so sorry you were caught up in that horrible ice storm! Oh, my, I do believe that's a good reason to live here in the desert! We may have horrendous heat in the summer, but the winters are really mild. Hope you have better weather for the rest of the season!

    I can understand your brother's children wanting your "cool" cards! These three are stunning, and I bet they loved them!!! Fantastic designs and coloring, Sandra! You outdid yourself! :^)
    Hope you are feeling good now. And may you have a safe and Happy New Year!
    Big hugs, Penny

  6. Love these cards Sandra!!! You will always be fabulous colour artist!!
    I hope the temperatures get higher soon!!
    It must be very very cold right now at your place!
    Hugs and talk to you soon!

  7. So sorry to be so late in writing you a comment on your blog. I LOVE them all!!!!! What great cards, your family probably loved them!!!!! You are so talented, I wish I could help you with your health. Have a very good year! Great big hugs, Brigitte